Claus Sendlinger

CEO & Founder

Design Hotels™

10:00am – 10:20am

A Visionary Mind

Claus Sendlinger began his career in the travel industry in 1987 with the founding of an agency specializing in sports and music events. Four years later he began Travel Trends, a tour organizer for high-end, authentic travel experiences. In 1993, Sendlinger established Design Hotels™, an early hospitality pioneer in the areas of guest experience, personalization, recognition, localization, sustainability, and beyond. By limiting the Design Hotels™ portfolio—by going deeper not wider—Sendlinger has created over the past two-plus decades a brand whose member hotels are recognized as among the most unique in the world. In November 2012, he was honored at the European Hotel Design Awards for outstanding contributions to the industry. In 2013 Design Hotels™ received AHGZ’s Special Award, a highly esteemed prize from one of Germany’s top hospitality publications.

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