Caitlin Zaino von During


Porter & Sail

3:20pm – 3:40pm

Digital Discovery

Caitlin Zaino von During is the CEO and co-founder of Porter & Sail, a luxury technology company based in New York. As an entrepreneur, Caitlin has zealously dedicated her career to hospitality and travel. Prior to Porter & Sail, she founded the popular online magazine, The Urban Grocer, which she later produced and hosted as a television special for U.S.-based network The Cooking Channel. Her writing and hosting work has also appeared in BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, BBC Good Food, NB Review, and others.

Topic of Speech

As the CEO and co-founder of hospitality tech company Porter & Sail, Caitlin Zaino von During will explain how hotels can become cultural creators through guest interaction and guidance, provide intuitive service and concierge support, and take advantage of technology in a meaningful way. Armed with self-produced content that brings in the expertise of both locals and well-traveled tastemakers, Porter & Sail offers guests a mix of memorable eating, drinking, cultural, and shopping spots. “Our curated encounters extend the hotel beyond its walls into the metropolitan landscape, transforming the guest experience both on and off property,” explains Zaino von During, which results in guests staying connected to the property before, during, and after their stays.


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