The Portugal Survey

Josh Fehnert

2:45pm – 3:20pm

What the Hospitality Industry Can Learn from Portugal’s Recent Development

Portugal has been at the forefront of Monocle magazine’s coverage since its launch in 2007, taking its readers into the heart of this country’s financial crisis, as well as its more recent political, economic, and emotional renewal. “Portugal is becoming young again,” noted the publication’s Travel Editor Josh Fehnert, who stresses that today’s hoteliers can learn from its surprising recent success. “For a long time, people left Portugal to succeed. Now this is a country that is promoting what is unique only to this land through an engaged political system and new leadership that is fully engaged with the people—people who are now thriving by staying home. As a hotelier, you can also set the right tone through leadership that brings people back. The current president of Portugal, Marcelo Rubelo Desussa, is very much a man of the people. Hoteliers need to set the same tone, be fully engaged with those around them, whether it’s guests or employees.” Lisbon is finding value through products and people that tell a local story. That, says Fehnert, is the opportunity for today’s hoteliers: “To tell stories and produce experiences that could only be created at your hotel.”


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