The Iceman

Wim Hof

5:00pm – 5:45pm

Tapping into the Power of the Mind

If ever there were a man who understood the power of the mind, it is Wim Hof. Known as the Iceman for his seemingly impossible cold-weather feats—he ran a half-marathon in Lapland at -30 degrees Celsius; he frequently sits in a pool of ice for over 90 minutes; he has swum hundreds of meters under ice above the Arctic Circle—Hof has, more importantly proven scientifically that it is possible to use his mind to influence his autonomic nervous system—and, thus, his immune system—something that had long been thought impossible.


Before a mesmerized audience, Hof took Arena* attendees on a journey through the three pillars of his method—Breathing, Cold Therapy, and Commitment. By having everyone hold their breath for two minutes, he was able to get our minds to a state where they released adrenaline, a key component for fortifying our immune systems, balancing our hormone levels, improving our sleep quality, increasing our production of endorphins—the feel-good chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate our mood—and reducing stress. He further explained that an ice-cold shower for one minute each day was a sure way to avoid the doctor as again this cleared the brain from all the noise that holds it back. Instead, one is forced into a primal state of adrenaline-pumping survival.


It’s rare that one can discover the secret to health and wellbeing through two simple exercises. But as Wim Hof proved to all in attendance, he is a rare being, capable of teaching each of us how to connect to the power that lies within us all.





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