Properties of Sound

Alexandre Tannous

9:15am – 10:00am

Insights on the Properties of Sound

Detailing the versatility of sound as an instrument for healing, communication, and beyond, Alexandre Tannous showed just how profoundly music influences our emotions, feelings and thoughts. Through a lecture on consciousness expansion using a multidisciplinary approach and with a mesmerizing and moving performance that included his playing of a gong and bowls, Tannous presented sound as tool for personal and spiritual reengagement. Music, he showed, has the power to let us connect to the kernel that drives human consciousness, to awaken us, and to empower us to visit new emotional states. It can enhance our guests’ self-awareness and empower them to have positive cognitive feedback about our hotels and the experiences they have in them. “Sound enables us to disconnect from the busy brain,” he noted. “This is the whole point of music.” He encouraged hoteliers to learn more about sound as it can deepen the level of experience for a guest, enabling them to get out of their own way and be at one in the property and the moment.


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